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1: What types of classes do you offer?

We offer a wide range of programs for every level of proficiency.

2: Do your programs offer any sightseeing opportunities?

Yes, we encourage all our students to visit as many cultural and historical landmarks as possible by themselves. However we arrange excursions and activities that would be difficult for students to attend by themselves. We are always pleased to fulfil a request.

3: Do you provide health and/or medical insurance for your students?

Before coming to Russia each student must obtain a medical insurance in a local medical insurance company. Without having the insurance, students won't be able to get visa at Russian consulate. If a student wishes to prolong his education, we offer him Russian state - subsidized health insurance in Sochi .

4: What about the crime in Sochi ?

The level of crime in Sochi is lowest in the country, however as tourists, students have to protect valuable things, mind their company, and not to be naive, be careful how and where they travel and how and where they buy things.

5: Who will pick me up from the airport

Our company representative is able to meet you at the airport. However, if you prefer to make your own way to the centre, there are plenty of taxis at the airport. If you select this option, we recommend that you use official taxi services only and stay away from the "taxi sharks" that are around at the airport. There are also several forms of Russian public transportation such as buses and vans provide slower, but reliable service. Sochi International airport, Adler, is a considerable distance from the centre of Sochi therefore, we recommend that you allow us to provide you with transfer service.

6: Is there anything I should know about getting through Customs?

Customs points in Russia are quite unique and generally inconsistent in their enforcement of customs laws. Generally, you should expect to fill out a Customs Declaration on your flight into Sheremetyevo - 2. What is a Customs Declaration for? It is generally used to declare any specific items that you are bringing IN with you that you want to be able to take OUT with you. This does not, however, mean that you have to 'declare' every item of clothing or toiletry. This is mainly for money, jewellery, videotapes, electronic items, and other objects of value that may require proof that you brought that thing in with you. Once you get off the plane, you will first pass through Passport Control, then proceed to Baggage Claim where you can expect to wait from 10-30 minutes for your luggage. Be watchful for your luggage and keep your claims ticket handy as you may be asked to prove your luggage is actually your luggage. Then, if you decide to declare something, you should plan on going through the RED gate. Here a customs agent will look at your passport, visa, and declaration. S/he should then make some marks on the declaration, stamp it, and send you on your way. In some cases, however, they will want to personally ruffle through your things to make sure you're not lying. If you have nothing to declare and plan to spend almost all your money in Russia before returning home, you can go through the GREEN gate where you may or may not be stopped at all.

7: How do I exchange money? None of the exchange points in my country sell rubles!!

The reason you cannot buy rubles at the hard currency exchange points in your country is that rubles are NOT a hard currency and they have never been one. The ruble used to be a strictly Soviet monetary unit and therefore, was not used in any of the world's markets. As a result, the ruble continues to be used only within Russia and can only be purchased IN Russia. Although the exchange rate is not the best, you can buy rubles at Sheremetyevo - 2 or, if you can wait, there are exchange points practically on every corner in Moscow and Sochi .

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