Excursions, Tours to Sochi and Krasnaya Polyana by SPHERE Travel Company


  • Agoura Canyon

  • Akhun Mountain

  • Boxwood Grove

  • Bee-keeper Farm

Dendrarium Park

  • Dolmens

  • Dolphinarium

  • Incredible Caves

  • Monkey Farm

  • Paintball

  • Russian Tea

  • Rafting

  • Sochi waterfalls

  • Stalin residence

  • Trout Farm

  • Tea ceremony

  • The Tree of Friendship

  • Jeeping

  • Other







The Agoura canyon is one of the oldest attractions in Sochi . One can unmistakably recognize it in tourist pictures taken in the XIX century. There are three waterfalls in the canyon-It is a very popular route for walking tours. The canyon is narrow, with steep slopes rising, it seems, to the very skies. The Eagle Rocks mountain seems particularly magnificent from the bottom of the canyon.




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