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  • Bee-keeper Farm

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  • Incredible Caves

  • Monkey Farm

  • Paintball

  • Russian Tea

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  • Sochi waterfalls

  • Stalin residence

  • Trout Farm

  • Tea ceremony

  • The Tree of Friendship

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Paintball is a very popular means of active rest both in Russia and abroad. Statistics show that 9 million people all over the world play paintball more or less regularly.

More and more people prefer this kind of rest in Russia. Paintball is also becoming popular as a means of corporate rest for it can be easily transformed into serious and continuous work with a company staff. The advantage of this game is that, on the one hand, it can make people feel relaxed, and, on the other hand, it trains them to be more organized and cultivates necessary character traits. Besides, paintball is a good entertainment which rids participants of negative energy they accumulated and gets positive emotions.

About the game

If you decide to be part of this game this is how it works. When your group gets to the spot you change your clothes and put special camouflage on. It is important that you wear protective camouflage and gloves (fingers are very sensitive points). You get your inventory and the instructor explains how to use it. Then you form groups and you are ready to play! All games usually follow interesting scenarios (capture of a building, taking hostages, defending frontiers, etc.). There are qualified judges and instructors working on the site.

The marker is a semi-automatic air rifle capable of making up to 9 shots a second. When a ball hits a player it bursts into pieces and leaves a bright blot. Balls are ecologically clean: vegetable paint can easily be washed away from the camouflage. The paint is absolutely harmless for players.

Security measures

The major rule of this game says: DO NOT TAKE OFF THE MASK on the playing spot and around the area. Do not aim at animals, birds and defeated players. Do not shoot at someone at a short distance (less than 5 meters). Do not shoot at open parts of the head. When you leave the spot activate the rifle safety lock.





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