Credit Card. Sochi and Krasnaya Polyana by SPHERE Travel Company




“SPHERE” Travel Company offers fast and quality service by offering different methods of payment to its clients. One of the most convenient methods of payment is credit (debit) card.

There are several ways :

•  payment in the office of our company – by a terminal;

• distance payment – via authorization system, according to a credit/debit card photocopy (both sides) sent to us by fax. The photocopy must contain the following data:

- credit/debit card name

- credit/debit card number

- payment system logotype

- holder's name and surname

- holder's signature

- period of validity

Besides that, a client paying by credit/debit card must send us a letter by fax stating his/her agreement of deduction of tour or service cost (tour/service cost + 2.5 % for bank servicing).

In the case of client cancellation of services for which the client has already paid, a cancellation fee will be deducted from the amount refunded to the client. The amount of this fee will be dependant upon time elapse between cancellation and start of service (tour).

We accept:

VISA International

Eurocard / MasterCard

American Express

Diners Club International

ELECTRON cards are not acceptable.



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