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Sochi is called the capital of Russian Health Resorts. It's situated in the southern part of Russia and it spreads along the 1 50-kilometer strip between the Main Caucasus Mountain Range and the Black Sea coastline. The city is at one geographical breadth with a desert of Gobi , Toronto , Nice. However, due to affinity of the Big Caucasian ridge and warm Black sea, a climate here is subtropical. These are the most northern subtropics in the world.

Sochi is not similar to habitual city with infinite alternate stone buildings, the areas, roadways and streets. It is city-park, city-reserve. It is so entered in an environment that makes as though a part of it. More than 90 % of the area of Sochi include mountains. The territory of Sochi completely is a part of the State Natural National park. Tops of the Main Caucasian ridge carefully protect city from intrusion of cold northern winds. The combination of mountains and the sea form in this district unique in Russia a damp subtropical climate.

There is no sharp change of habitual four seasons in Sochi. Here two basic periods are distinguished : warm (May - October) and cool (November - April). The mid-annual temperature of air in Sochi is around +14 C, daily average temperature in summer + 25 C, maximal + 35 C to + 38 C. Average temperature of the coldest month of January is + 9C. Loss of snow is extremely unusual occurrence in the city and snow cover rarely stays more than two days. An average number of sunny days consist of 300 days a year.

Sochi can be classified as multifunctional resort: it has a contemporary entertainment infrastructure as well as unique spa, balneological, climatic resources.

Accommodation in Sochi varies from casual hotels and motels to boutique and five star hotels, including world famous Radisson chain.

International government meetings on high level take place in the city regularly and Sochi 's mountain ski resort Krasnaya Polyana (Red Glade) is year-to-year visited by Russian president Vladimir Putin.


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