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Gelendzhik is one of the most popular cities of Black Sea Cost. It is situated on the banks of the love­ly bay near Southern slopes of Western Caucasus. The name «Gelendzhik» is trans­lated from Turkish as «White Bride». In 2000 it was a 100 years old. It began its history as a small private SPA clinic of doctor M.F. Sulzhinskiy. In its early years Gelendzhik accepted up to 500 persons, clergy officials and intelligentsia, during resort season. At the 100 year mark, more than one million people have vacationed at Gelendzhik.


The Mediterranean climate has many distinguishing factors: an early spring; dry, breezy summer; a warm, damp winter with an average air temperature of air +4C(40F)°. The swimming season lasts from May till October, with summer water temperatures rising to +28(82F). The mid-annual temperature is +15,5(60F)°.

The resort has some of richest wood and coniferous pines in the world. One of the rare relic plants -a pine here grows. Owing to the pines, cypresses, junipers, and other evergreen plants, Gelendzhik is covered in green the year round.

Great combination of various factors: the hot sun, the blue sea, clean air, mountain beauty, the mountain rivers freshness, a fragrance of flowers and the trees, favorable ecological conditions, no industry - all this promotes high-grade rest and treatment.

Medicine and SPA hotels

The climate combination of dry subtropics, mountains, the sea, evergreen vegetation, the modern medical - diagnostic equipment, the highly skilled personnel all this gives wide possibilities for treatment in special clinics of patients with diseases of cardiovascular system, the respiratory system, motor system and the nervous system. Also treatment of all accompanying diseases is carried out: urological, gynecologic, skin, gastroenteric, allergic, tuberculosis and others.

In Gelendzhik there are specialized SPA treatment of people with vision impairment and hearing loss. The most popular SPA hotels of Gelendzhik are: “Krasnaya Talka”, “Prometei”, “Gorizont”, “Chernomorec”, “Victoria”, “Fakel”, “Vulan” and others.

In addition to the climate, sand-and-shingle beaches and mineral waters are valuable natural medical resources. In medical practice all kinds of treatment are used. Physiotherapy and non-conventional methods of treatment are widely applied.

Luxury hotels

In Gelendzhik it is possible to relax in a five star hotel, allowing oneself every luxury. One may also commune with nature in an ancient forest, far from the stress and noise of city life.

180 health resorts, including children’s health complexes, offer various levels of accommodation, from a standard room to a luxury suite. High quality meals and a wide assortment of services are available.

Located on the property of the resort are: comfortable beaches, bars, disco-bars, restaurants, children's playgrounds, sports complexes and saunas. In addition the resort hotels’ 40,000 quest capacity, Gelendzhik can also accommodate tourists in the private sector, mini-hotels, campgrounds.

Water Vehicle Exhibition

Gelendzhik Bay - features a unique hydro-avia exhibition. The exhibition and scientific conference on hydro-aviation takes place once every two years and has not only great value for experts, but also offers a great hydro and avia shows.

The main exhibition object is to demonstrate possibilities of hydro-aviation techniques, show their development perspectives and possible using. The demonstration flights program, pilots skill, wide scientific and technical exhibition, undoubtedly, will make impression. Except for a hydro-aviasalon on a resort, there are various thematic exhibitions : seminars, conferences are carried out.

Gelendzhik Resorts

The resort city of Gelendzhik is comprised of 21 settlements, of which 7 resorts have direct access to the sea. These sea coast resorts are: Kabardinka, Divnomorskoe, Djanhot, Praskoveevka, Krinitsa, Betta, and Arhipo-Osipovka.

The Gelendzhik coast - totals 100 kms. More than 100 shingle and sandy beach zones strech for 20 kms. On resort territory there are about 400 nature sanctuaries, history and culture exhbits, historical museum and a showroom.

Because of its convenient location, it is quite simple to reach the city. In range of 35km is large railway station Novorossisk, in 100km the Anapa airport, in 180km large transport unit and capital of Kuban - Krasnodar. Buses from Gelendzhik stations arrive and depart practically in each hour.

Federal automobile line M4 reliably connects Gelendzhtk with all cities of south Russia.

It is possible to reach Gelendzhik by the plane. The airport is located practically within the city boundaries, in the area of Thin cape.

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