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  • Agoura Canyon

  • Akhun Mountain

  • Boxwood Grove

  • Bee-keeper Farm

Dendrarium Park

  • Dolmens

  • Dolphinarium

  • Incredible Caves

  • Monkey Farm

  • Paintball

  • Russian Tea

  • Rafting

  • Sochi waterfalls

  • Stalin residence

  • Trout Farm

  • Tea ceremony

  • The Tree of Friendship

  • Jeeping

  • Other





The tower on the top of the Akhun mountain was built in 1936 by architect S. Vorobieov. It is 663 meters high or above sea level and definitely worth visiting. It presents a stylized image of original fortress towers in the Caucasus.

There is an observation platform, from which you will enjoy a vast panoramic view over the National park, the Greater Caucasian range, the Sochi coast, and the sea. From the other side of the tower the wonderful view on Adler and Central Sochi is very enjoyable too. There are about 20 caves in its depths.

Akhun is also famous for the rich greenery (over 200 sorts of plants). A well-known tower of 30 meters high welcomes tourists all year round. A restaurant and several cafes located near the tower offer splendid Caucasian cuisine.





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