Tours to Sochi and Krasnaya Polyana by SPHERE Travel Company


  • Agoura Canyon

  • Akhun Mountain

  • Boxwood Grove

  • Bee-keeper Farm

Dendrarium Park

  • Dolmens

  • Dolphinarium

  • Incredible Caves

  • Monkey Farm

  • Paintball

  • Russian Tea

  • Rafting

  • Sochi waterfalls

  • Stalin residence

  • Trout Farm

  • Tea ceremony

  • The Tree of Friendship

  • Jeeping

  • Other





The Tree of Friendship is real "monument" of friendship. In 1934 F.M.Zorin planted a little lemon tree. Then Japanese tangerine, Italian lemon, American grapefruit, Spanish orange, Chinese kinkan and others were joined to the Tree. Forty five sorts of fruits grow on it. It's amusing in spring while it's flowering.

The 1st engrafting was done by a popular researcher O.U.Shmidt in 1940. Since that time presidents, cosmonauts, scientist, painters and musicians from 167 countries left their branches on the Tree of Friendship.

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