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•  Intensive Russian;
•  Grammar of Russian language;
•  Translation from English to Russian;
•  Language of newspapers and television;
•  Text analysis;
•  Lexicology;
•  Phonetics;
•  Policy, History, Literature

We offer our students a variety of different courses. We have designed courses for different levels: from complete beginners to highly advanced. In addition to conversation and general Russian courses, there are courses for philologists and interpreters. We've also designed courses for specialists in the humanities, sciences and business.

Our syllabi cover a wide range of topics, including phonetics, grammar, stylistics, pragmatics, Russian literature, the history of Russian theatre and cinema, business etiquette, etc. Typical class size is four to six students.

Students are carefully placed according to their Russian language skill and experience to assure maximum participation. A flexible syllabus enables our teachers to quickly adapt the class to individual needs and skills.

The list of courses available in the school is below. Please note that some courses may require pre-requisite language study.

•  Intensive Russian
•  General Russian
•  Conversational Russian
•  Conversational Russian for Business
•  Business Russian
•  Russian for Academic Purposes
•  Russian for Special Purposes
•  Russian for Exams
•  Tailor-made Course

Intensive Russian

For those who wish to jump in headfirst and grapple one of the most difficult languages in the world, Intensive Russian provides just that opportunity. From the earliest moments of the class, Russian language instruction takes on a whole new meaning. The sounds and textures of the Russian language immediately surround the students and provide a continual impetus to learn. This course is based on the main principles of intensive language instruction, which calls for a gradual increase in difficulty while mastering the most frequently used constructions. Intensive Russian stresses grammar, vocabulary, and verbal drills to continually improve each student's mastery of Russian. The core is to speak and understand Russian in the least possible amount of time.

Goal: rapidly integrate a student into Russian speaking world through intensive study.

Levels: Beginner - Through advanced

General Russian

This course has been designed for students of all levels, utilizing a universal combination of traditional and communicative methodologies. The main aim of this course is to get student speaking Russian immediately while simultaneously learning underlying structures of Russian grammar. Vocabulary work during the term is designed to help students read Russian texts both with and without help of a dictionary. Throughout the course, the students will develop speaking, writing, listening and grammar skills.

Goal: to activate students' grammar knowledge via communication practice

Levels: Beginner through advanced


Conversational Russian

Travelling in Russia can be a daunting experience for those visitors uninitiated into the complex and fascinating world of Russian language. From the very first moment, a visitor is faced with a maze of sounds and words that can present a challenging puzzle to decipher. Conversational Russian is designed specifically for those who wish to engage in the rewarding work of understanding the language that surrounds them, thereby increasing their appreciation of the country they are visiting. The course emphasizes verbal and aural aspects of the language, as well as grammatical construction, allowing students to navigate the daily demands of living in a foreign country. Conversational Russian draws on a full range of traditional techniques, while integrating cutting edge conversational teaching methodology, to increase conversational proficiency for students of all levels. The course is also designed to provide a cultural framework and customs' understanding, as well as business etiquette.

Goal: to provide a working knowledge of conversational Russian, providing students with ability to communicate and converse competently in Russian.

Levels: Beginner - Through advanced


Conversational Russian for Business

Successful business men and women understand an importance of good language and communication skills at the negotiating table. Today's world of business is as much cantered around business lunches, as is around business meetings. Outside the boardroom, the opportunity for forging profitable partnership is dependent upon communication. This course is designed to allow foreign business men and women the confidence to move away from the negotiating table and into productive business lunches and dinners. It is in this atmosphere that casual conversations solidify business relationships, making them an indispensable part of business. Through instruction on grammar, vocabulary, and verbal drills, each student's ability to effectively communicate in a conversational manner increases dramatically. Conversational Russian for Business also addresses the (particular) cultural framework that influences business in Russia on a daily basis, providing foreign men and women an insight into the world where they are doing business. A further benefit of the course, is the confidence to engage in business on a more personal level - in the many shops and markets of Russia .

Goal: to increase the ability of business men and women to communicate in a casual manner, thereby enhancing their business relationships.

Levels: Beginner - Advanced


Business Russian

The soul of all business is communication. Without it business endeavours and transactions come to a crashing halt; ideas falter, agreements crumble, and all due to miscommunication. To navigate business in Russia and mitigate miscommunications, a basic understanding of Russian is essential. Developed for foreign specialists in Russia , Business Russian provides a foundation of Russian language knowledge. With this foundation, foreign professionals develop the skills and confidence necessary to (carry out the daily requirements/demands of successful business) negotiate business agreements, make business contracts, maintain correspondence, make presentations, etc., in Russia . The course emphasizes basic business and commercial vocabularies, and tackles the language difficulties - both verbal and written - that business men and women frequently encounter in Russia .

Goal: to provide a basic framework of business Russian, thereby allowing foreign specialists to successfully navigate the expanding world of business in Russia .

Levels: Pre intermediate - Through advanced


Russian for Academic Purposes

The aim of Russian for Academic Purposes Course is to provide appropriate support in writing dissertations and theses in the areas of Russian literature, culture, history, linguistics and psycholinguistics.


Russian for Specific Purposes

Russian for specialists is designed to help students develop their professional contacts with specialists in business, medicine, law, politics, ecology, mass media, service industries, etc. The aim of this course is to get students learning, reading and understanding specialized texts, to give lectures and conduct discussions in various typical business situations. The course includes the basics of Russian business and commercial vocabularies and helps students to overcome their language difficulties traditionally encountered in specialized business environments.


Russian for Examination Preparation

This course has been designed to help students to prepare for certificate examination needed for enrolment to Russian Universities and Colleges. This course has been prepared with a dual focus cantering on both the basics of Russian and the speaking, listening, reading, and writing styles necessary for academic communication.

Tailor-made Courses

Upon a request, we can tailor a course to meet your special needs.
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