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Teaching programs are divided in sublevels which last. After finishing every sublevel and main level a student must pass an achievement test.

According to the results of the achievement test, a student continues his/her education at the next level or repeats the necessary material, if the test results are unsatisfactory.

After finishing each level a student is awarded with the Certificate of the school chosen.

Classes are formed according to academic level requirements and are composed of between 6 to 15 people. Individual classes are also available.

To provide the high standard of education all schools oblige students to attend all classes regularly, to do homework, to try speaking only Russian in the classrooms of the schools.

When the school is responsible for a schedule change, the change in time or day will be made according to the students needs or preferences.

Education in the school provides a guarantee to a student of academic benefits for work in the class and at home.

Policy on Absenteeism

Group Lessons
In case of illness, the student must notify the staff of the School or the student's teacher as soon as possible. A 50% refund of the missed lesson('s') cost will be refunded by the School only upon receipt of a Medical Certificate.

One-to-one Lessons
If the student notifies the staff of the School or the student's teacher in advance (at least 2 hours before the class starts) that s/he will not be able to attend the lesson, no penalties will be applied to the student. Otherwise the cost of this missed lesson will not be refunded by the School.

Cutting short a course

If a student wishes to cease studying before the end of a course, s/he should notify the School at least one week before s/he plans to finish. Otherwise the cost of 1 week's tuition will not be refunded by the School.

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