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Tuapsinski area is one of the most beautiful places on the Black Sea coast. Extent of territory of Tuapsinski area on a straight line along the Main Caucasian Ridge from the north-west to the south-east makes is 80 km; the width from north-east to the south-west from the platform Shubinka up to the cape Kadosh is 43 km.

The area borders with resort Gelendzhik from the north-west; with Severski and Gori-achekljuchevskoi areas from the north; with Apsheronski area from the east; with Lazarevski area of a city-resort Sochi from the southeast. And the major resorts of Tuapsinski area are:


The Tuapsinski area is on a joint of two climatic sites: from Anapa up to Tuapse — a Mediterranean climate: hot, dry summer and cold winter, with frosts. To the south of Tuapse (coast and foothills) the climate changes into subtropical and is character­ized as damp and warm, up to 1500 mm of precipitation a year without snow and frost. On the site Neboog-Tuapse the climate is transitive.

The summer begins at the end of April and lasts till September. During this period solar, warm, moderate-damp weather prevails.

Yearly precipitation is 1280 mm, with 50% of this precipitation occurring during the cold period.

The swimming season begins in June when water in the sea warms up to 17°C, and lasts till October. The quantity of days with good weather makes 64 %in October, and the sea water in the first half of October warms to +20-+ 22°C The average temperature of the sea water in August and Sep­tember is +25,1°C and +22,7°C accordingly, on some days the water can warm to +29 (84F) °C. Beaches consist of gravel, pebble and sand.

Curative potential

The natural-climatic conditions of the sea coast and the foothills of Northern Caucasus combined with the developed network of SPA and tourist establishments, allow vacationers to experience a wide range of treatments which will restore and invigorate. The major diseases cured in Tuapsinski area are: nerve system diseases, blood circulation, respiratory illness and others. And the most famous SPA hotels are: “Vesna”, “Olginka”, “Shepsi”, “Ujni”, “Yamal”, “Geolog Yamala”, Belaya Rus”, “Orbita”, “Molniya”, other.

Other attractions

The world's largest grove of a pine pitsundskaja endemichnaja is in Tuapsinski area near the house of rest «Pine».

Till today the monuments of the epochs of bronze and copper are kept; stone constructions - dolmens, left by local tribes living here. The history of creation and purpose of dolmens is still unknown, even today. There are 179 registered dolmens in the area.



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