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We understand that one of the most frightening aspects of studying abroad is uncertainty regarding where students will live and what students will eat. Since these elements are vital to have a pleasant and memorable experience abroad, we have taken great strides to provide you with as much information as possible about accommodation opportunities.

We offer four main types of accommodation. Each type is described below.

1. Family Homestay: A student (if you so choose) will live with an upstanding Russian family in their home. The student will have access to a restroom, bath/shower, kitchen, and, of course, a comfortable Russian bed! Breakfast is included in all homestay plans while lunch and/or dinner can be pre-paid if desired.

This is the choice for those who want to experience a very personal introduction Russian culture, Russian people, and, of course, Russian food.

2. Student Residence: Students will live in a typical Russian dormitory. As in most dormitories, you will have a single bed in a dorm room with a commonly shared restroom and shower in hall that services several dorm rooms. Board is not included in this option and students will be responsible for preparing your own meals.

3. Hotel: Students will live in one of hotels of Sochi . Students may choose to live in the centre of the city, watching busy streets and numerous night clubs and restaurants, or to stay in a hotel, surrounded by parks, with its private beach. Whatever students choose, they will live not more than 30 minutes away from the school they will attend.

4. Separate flat/apartment: Students will live a flat or apartment with all conveniences. We'll be pleased to offer some options depending on your preferences.





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