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It is a well-known fact that the most successful language learners are those who have some experience studying in the country of their target language. Whereas you can quite easily find excellent Russian language teachers in all parts of the world, Russia is the only place where you can experience firsthand the 'linguistic atmosphere' of the Russian language, i.e. the atmosphere in which the Russian language is the main mode of communication.

And what is the best place in Russia to learn Russian? The answer is Sochi – the southernmost, and safest city in Russia , where swimming in the sea or snow skiing are easily combined with learning and practicing the Russian language.


SPHERE Travel Company arranges Russian language courses through the best linguistic Schools, Universities of Sochi and Home Tuition.

We arrange visa support, transfers, accommodation, excursions and help students with their questions in Sochi.

Note: We arrange Russian language courses only for groups (min 3 people in the group).







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