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Constant advantage of Sochi is its mighty curative potential . The climate of damp subtropics, unique deposits of sulphidic waters and the warm Black Sea have created a world popular resort.

Mineral and hydrosulphuric waters, unique world famous “MATSESTA” Spa resort waters, mud, hydropathic and medical facilities are being used in Sochi for treating:

•  cardio-vascular system;

•  spine and limbs;

•  bone and muscular system;

•  gastric, diabetes and nervous system;

•  genecology, dermal and other diseases.

During your stay in Sochi you can take advantage of medical procedures appointed by medical specialists of "Matsesta" Spa resort. The principle of the resort is that medical effect should not be reached simply by quantity of medical procedures, but by skillful combination of the appointed treatment, rest and performance.

Healing mountain air, sea water and South sun actively restore the health. Many of Sochi spa resorts even accept patients suffering from radioactive irradiation.

The best periods for health resort treatment in Sochi are autumn, winter and spring!


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