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Krasnaya lyana
is situated in the foothills of the Main Caucasus Rang. It's majestically surrounded from the South by Ayibga and from the North by the rocky range Achyshko, from the East it surrounded by the panoramic Main Caucasus Range and from the West by the magnificent valley of Mzymta . The climate of Krasnaya Polyana is mild and comparatively warm. It is sometimes hot in summer, up to 38 (100 F) in the shade and in winter it's frosty, up to - 22.5 (-7 F) . The snow cover is up to 1.5 m.


The combination of mountains and the sea creates the rare and unique mountain-marine climate. The originality of these places lies in the abundance of forests influencing the microclimate. The noble Caucasus chestnut, the magnificent walnut, beech, maple, ash-tree and the highland Caucasus silver fir are the primary flora of the forests.


Four phases of cable-way-chair elevator have been constructed In Krasnaya Polyana with total extension of 3.2 km. Those who like the dizzy descent on skis on snow cover can use helicopter to reach the summit of Aylbguy Mountain . At the height of 3200 m above the sea level snow remains even in summer. Adventurous snowmobile drivers can enjoy the scenery while flying down and up the mountains.

Active rest lovers should also appreciate:

- canyoning and rock climbing;
- rafting and jeeping;
- parachute jumps;
- hilicopter flights;
- mountain bike;
- camping;
- heli-ski.

Krasnaya Polya
na is the place with unique ecological environment where you can rest all year around.

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