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Matsesta is the name of a narrow river flowing along the valley between Hosta settlement and Sochi center to the Sea. This is also the name of curative water. Matsesta, translated from Ubygh dialect, means “fiery water”. The water is called “fiery” because it makes skin red. 

Curative Matsesta spring

The main treatment item of Matsesta is hydrogen sulphide. It penetrates skin and respiratory organs influencing cell and tissue structures. It also contributes to inflammatory diffusion especially in those body organs where healthy people's bloodstream is complicated. These are joint and intevertebral cartilages, tendons, bones etc.


“Matsesta” improves valuable nutrients assimilation. More over, it enhances nutrients dissimilation. And as the result of that – weight loss, metabolism returns to normal and bodily wastes are removed more quickly. Hydrogen sulphide influences complex functions of secretion glands and controls the central nervous system.

Matsesta baths help to promote blood circulation, cure chronic diseases, regulate the nervous system, hlep the spine and limbs, dermal and nasopharynx disorders. They are used in gynecological endocrinal treatment. A vast quantity of Matsesta water microelements contributes detoxification, radionuclide and salt of heavy metals removal.

Sochi scientists developed a procedure of after-burn rehabilitation., Matsesta even treats poliomyelitic residual appearances in combination with a special complex of recovery physical training and massage. 

Historical info

This is also 170-year-old mineral water. Geologists call it maternal: the water is taken out from mines of 700-2000 m depth, from limestone of Cretaceous Jurassic periods. Local tribes used to treat themselves with this water in a primeval way. They dug holes near the springs, poured some water inside and had baths. People had been used such baths until 1902 when minister of agriculture and state property Ermolov A.S. founded a small “bath building”. In 1907, Podgurskiy V.F. built the road joining the springs and the Seacoast. Talented scientist and engineer Kukanov V.M. brilliantly carried out the task of boring deep holes and Matsesta waters in 1950. He has mined the curative water from a depth of 2000 m. In 1954 other two holes were bored in Hosta.




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