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January - Festival “KIVIN-2006”

03-13.01.2006 - XI International Children’s Creative Activity Festival “Christmas Carousel”

05-10.01.2006 - Festival of Amateur and Folk Arts “Christmas Stars”

- International Children’s Creative Activity Festival “Hopes of Europe”

- VIII Russian Children’s and Youth Theatre Festival “Theatre Magic”

11-14.01.2006 - Resorts and tourism - 2006. XI International tourist exhibition-fair.

24.01-06.03.2006 - Winter Football Cup to commemorate P.S.Gavriliadi

28.02-03.03.2006 - Sports gymnastics, All-Russian tournament "The Black Sea Seagull".

March - Rural Amateur Performance Festival “Springs”

12-13.03.2006 - Traditional Orienteering Competition among young athletes “Jubilee Start”

23-30.03.2006 - IV All-Russian festival of young jazz performers "Igor Bril's Jazz Christening".

24-26.03.2006 - Fair of Play Programs «Amusement»

05-10.04.2006 - IX Inter-regional army songs festival "To Faith! To Motherland! To Love! ", devoted to the 60-anniversary of the Great Victory.

29.04-04.05.2006 - VII Russian festival of children's creativity "Magic of Dance".

May - All-Russian forum “Health Resort 2006”

May - “Wella Colour Congress” Festival

May - "Palette of Sochi - 2006" - an exhibition of amateur artists.

May - Wind Instrument Music Festival "Silver Trumpets"

01.05.2006 - Celebration of the City Day.

07-13.05.2006 - Spring Sailing Sport Championship of Russia

11-14.05.2006 - Football, the IX International tournament among football teams of regional and municipal parliaments, governments and administrations of Russia.

28.05.2006 - Military-sports holiday devoted to Day of the frontier guards

June - All-Russia festival of children's creative works "Kuban Cossak-boy"

June - All-Russian National Festival “Great Russia”

01-15.06.2006 - XVII Russian open and 13rd International film festival "Kinotavr".

12-16.06.2006 - Humour Festival

01-30.07.2006 - International organ music festival

07-10.07.2006 - II Russian National Competition of Young Performers “Five Stars”

15.07.2006 - International Yachting Rally «Kayra-2006»

August - V International Jazz Festival “The Black Sea”

12-22.08.2006 - Youth Festival of Beach Music “Sun Даль – 2006”

18-27.08.2006 - XI International Festival “Love Faces”

19.08.2006 - Firework Show

26-28.08.2006 - Summer Cup of Fun and Gumption Club (KVN).

September - Open All-Russian Youth and Student Festival

September - Moscow International Festival “Sun Shines to Everybody”

September - Carnival “Lazarevsky Breeze - 2006”

September - XVI festival of chamber music "Velvet Season".

September - Ukrainian Culture Days “International Creative Laboratory of the Ukrainians in Russia”

25.09-04.10.2006 - VIII All-Russian Recreation Sport Festival for pupils «President Competition»

October - Open International Ballroom Dance Championship

October - Sports dances, city open championship "Velvet Season".

October - XI International Festival “Culture brings people together”

October - International Economic Forum "Kuban 2006". Wholesale-retail exhibition-fair of all kinds of food and raw materials for manufacture.

08-16.10.2006 - IX Russian Fashion Festival “Velvet Seasons in Sochi”

November - “My life is dancing!” – International Adygei Dance Festival to commemorate Aslan Kheishkho, an Honoured Art Worker of Kuban’ and Adigeia

November - Festival of creativity of children with the limited opportunities of health "Crystal cockerel".

01-10.11.2006 - VI International festival of arts "Kinotavrik"

05-08.11.2006 - Traditional Open Orienteering Competition of Sochi Central Region «Sochi Marathon»

20-27.11.2006 - Sailing, "the Black Sea Regatta" for Olympic class of yachts.

28.11.2006 - Open Amateur Music Festival

17-31.12.2006 - Celebratory New Year's actions, evening discos.

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