Tours to Sochi and Krasnaya Polyana by SPHERE Travel Company


  • Agoura Canyon

  • Akhun Mountain

  • Boxwood Grove

  • Bee-keeper Farm

Dendrarium Park

  • Dolmens

  • Dolphinarium

  • Incredible Caves

  • Monkey Farm

  • Paintball

  • Russian Tea

  • Rafting

  • Sochi waterfalls

  • Stalin residence

  • Trout Farm

  • Tea ceremony

  • The Tree of Friendship

  • Jeeping

  • Other







Dolphins populate the Black Sea. With a bit of luck one can watch them from a boat, or from a beach. There are many stories about dolphins coming to rescue the most unfortunate or negligent swimmers. Local people believe that dolphins love and accept us as intellectual equals. Who knows?

Centuries ago the Greeks chose the name "Delphos" to call them, and the word means "a brother". In the Sochi Dolphinarium you can admire their performances and marvel at their creativity: dolphins draw pictures, dance, sing and display their affection to people.







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